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Why decide on JPJ boilers to give your heating systems a power flush? The reason is easy: we now have the best equipment to do the job that along with the best gas engineers and knowledge of boiler systems and we use the most advanced power flushing machines to guarantee we get rid of all the sludge out of your heating system, having a central heating system power flush will save you hundreds off your total annual gas bill as it makes your boiler run more effectively. Most significantly, radiators that you might be having issues with will now perform to their full potential. Our company offers power flushing services every day to our customers in Rotherham from as little as £250 , we understand exactly what is required to have the hated sludge taken from your boiler and radiators.

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Do I need a Power Flush?

This will be determined by a few key factors:

The age of your heating system – Three years or longer. This includes your under floor pipework, radiators as well as central heating boiler.

Even if you have gotten a new boiler replacement lately, you might still make use of a Power Flush if one was not included in the installation (nearly all leading boiler manufacturers advise an intensive system flush prior to the installation of a boiler to get rid of any debris, sludge and scale). The only method do that effectively is by Power Flushing.

When was the last time your home heating system was flushed / cleaned and an inhibitor added to safeguard the system (5 years or more).

In case your boiler system suffers from the following symptoms:

  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • Radiators taking a long time to heat up
  • Frequently needing to bleed radiators
  • Black water originating from bleed nipple
  • Vibration or banging in pipe work
  • Hot water tap fluctuating between hot and cold water
  • Noise out of your boiler i.e. Pump whining / grinding / banging / vibration / kettling
  • Diverter valve replaced or jammed following a summer shutdown
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The Power Flushing Method Explained

The whole process of power flushing in Rotherham is quick and easy, it can typically be carried out in less than a day on most homes. Having said that, bigger systems and commercial premises normally take more time to power flush.

Upon arrival our power flush expert will survey your central heating system and pick the best place in order to connect the power flush equipment. Right after hooking up the power flush machine to your system, a solution of water, rust inhibitors and chemicals are introduced to the system. This solution lifts the black iron oxide sludge and limescale and drives it through the system, As the solution passes through the system a unique MagnaClean magnetic filter catches the iron oxide and lime scale, eliminating it from the system and allowing for only liquid to pass back into the boiler system.

Once the iron oxide sludge as well as lime scale have been taken out of the system, the power flush is finished, enabling water to once again freely circulate throughout the central heating system. The chemicals and inhibitors continue to be inside the heating system that will help protect your system from future build ups. A MagnaClean filter as well as lime scale inhibitor can be installed following the power flush that will help provide even better protection from further buildup.

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